Rock Landscaping in Las Vegas

Rock landscaping is a good option if you are residing in Nevada.  With its arid weather condition and rigid implementation of water conservation policies, it is important that you need to consider how you will go about installing a landscape.

A rock landscape has its own beauty that could add curb appeal. For an amazing result, consult a landscape professional and discover how a rock landscaping design can beautify your home.

Advantages of Rock Landscaping

Aside from being unique in style and design, a rock landscape offers benefits even in the long term. It is practical, especially in drought-prone areas. Read along to find out its advantages and how it can benefit you and the environment.


Rock landscaping is beneficial when you speak of water conservation. Reducing water usage is important in the state of Nevada where there is a limited supply of water.  In a rock landscape, you are not only upgrading your home but are also taking an active part in taking care of the environment.

Low Maintenance

Rock landscaping is easy to maintain since there is no need to use a lot of water. Additionally, no mowing is needed since grass is not grown. It means savings on electric and water bills.

Budget-Friendly and Durable

Rocks are less costly than installing garden plants. They don’t wither when exposed to sunlight with no water. Rocks can survive in the harshest of climates. Installing a rock landscape costs lesser than gardening flowers and grasses.

Easy Installation

Rock landscaping encourages creativity and style. By easy installation, we do not mean that there is no art involved in creating the landscape. Like any other landscaping style, it requires careful planning so that the design will harmonize with the overall look of the property.

Availability of Materials

The state of Nevada has a vast assortment of rocks and minerals. Landscape rocks can be bought such as Granite, Basalt, Andesite, and Limestone. The abundance of these materials makes rock landscaping very feasible and practical in the area.

Types of Decorative Rocks

Decorative rocks are unique and can create a natural look that will complement your home.  An aesthetic and eco-friendly landscape can add curb appeal and increase your property’s market value. Here are some local rocks you might want to consider in rock landscaping.


Gravels are loose rock fragments used as a major basic raw material in construction. It is one of the most versatile and cheapest landscape materials. Gravel comes in many colors and sizes and can be installed in pathways, seating areas, or as mulch. It does not attract pests, making it easy for you to maintain your area.

In installing gravels on pathways, make sure that they are small and even in sizes. It is not ideal for large gravels to be installed in walkways as strolling in the area might be difficult and may cause injury to a person. Also, gravels have a tendency to scatter to unwanted places when not installed properly.

Lava Rock

Lava rocks are volcanic rocks that can add texture and natural beauty to your property. They come in different colors like red, brown, and black. They can be used as flower beds to create color contrast. Lava rocks slow down evaporation from the soil and you will not need a lot of watering for your plants.

However, be very careful as they can affect the nutrient level of the soil. Not all plants can survive with lava rocks as mulch. It means that you have limited option to choose from in terms of growing greens in your garden.


Cobblestones are used in driveways and paths. They are perfect for your installed patios and water features to enhance aesthetics and style.  Because of their elegance and durability, cobblestones cost higher depending on the size and type of stone.   

Cobblestones tend to be slippery especially when wet. This can be dangerous if you have kids or older people at home. That is why, it is advised to use appropriate footwear and take extra caution when stepping or walking through cobblestones.

River Rock

As the name suggest, river rocks are naturally formed and smoothed by moving water. Like gravel, river rocks also come in different colors and shapes.

River rocks are best used as retaining wall as they help prevent soil erosion. They are affordable and can last for many years. They are a perfect addition to your water features or just lined them on pathways to add a dramatic look to your landscape. However, river rocks can easily grow weeds underneath. Weeding requires time and effort, so you should be ready for that.


A flagstone is most suitable for your patio, walkway, or even a retaining wall. Its elegant designs can instantly add beauty to your hardscape. Flagstone can withstand extreme weather and is easy to maintain. You sure will have plenty of options to choose from since flagstone designs are varied and unique.

Flagstones require skilled professionals to install properly. Ideally, it has to be installed in a flat and even terrain so as not to cause trouble in the future. It can also be very slippery when wet and may cause injury when installed in an open walkway.

Replace Grass with Decorative Rocks

The process of replacing grass with decorative rocks requires professional experts to handle the job. The Nevada State Contractors Board provides for legit and licensed contractors that can cater to your need.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority encourages homeowners to replace their grasses with rocks. They call it Water Smart landscaping. A rebates program is offered for every square foot of grass removed and replaced with rocks.

Design Ideas for Rock Landscaping in Las Vegas

Rock landscapes can be as beautiful as you imagined them to be. You can incorporate creativity into the design as the possibilities are limitless. The trick is to know the concept of your landscape design and match the colors and textures with your home and garden. Here are a few cool design ideas to check out.

Rock Gardens

Instead of filling your yard with garden plants, choose small plants that need little water or soil like yucca. You can plant them among rocks at a measured distance from each other.  For small yards, rock gardens can make your area look wider and bigger. If you have an already large yard, you can install small rock gardens in the corner areas for added appeal. 

A well-designed rock garden can create a focal point in your landscape. Keep it simple and organized so that it can be easily maintained. Install your rock garden in an area where it can be visible such as the front yard to create a welcoming effect to your guests.

Rock Walls

Retaining walls not only add aesthetic to your landscape but also helps prevent soil erosion. They are beneficial especially in sloped areas of your homes. They provide support to prevent the soil from sliding out of its place.

Aside from concrete or cement, rocks can be a good material for retaining walls. They are as sturdy and are cheaper than the former. Rock walls can also make your landscape look more attractive when installed since they come in different forms and textures.

Rock Water Features

Water features are ideal for homes with large yards. Rocks are perfect addition to water features. They create a natural look to water fountains, mini ponds, or waterfalls. Decorative rocks installed with these water features add to its soothing and relaxing effect.

Water features though requires regular cleaning and maintenance. When installing water feature in your landscape, it is best to hire a professional. Poorly-designed water feature can add to the cost of maintenance. Additionally, Water features can attract wildlife like birds, frogs, and insects. So be sure to prepare yourself for all these. 

Rock Pathways

Pathways are a very important part of a landscape. They lead us to different areas of our garden. There are many pathway designs to choose from. Stone pathways are low maintenance and very durable which makes them perfect fit into your landscape. Use materials that complement your home design and decide on your pathway pattern and style.

The width of your pathway should also be considered. The ideal is that two persons can comfortably walk side-by-side through it. Pathway lighting with cable buried under walkways is also a beautiful addition for a more vibrant look and increase curb appeal.

Rock Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Like any other landscape, Rock Landscaping requires regular maintenance for it to last longer. Some stones require special care. Rocks like gravel can be easily grown by weeds.  With all these in mind, here are some tips on how you can properly care for your rock landscape to keep looking their best.

Keep the Right Tools at Hand

Make sure that maintenance tools such as hose, leaf blower, and rake are at bay. Regularly check for scattered rocks especially those that are installed in pathways. The tendency for small stones is to be knocked over to the lawn or surrounding beds. Keep them organized and in place.

Keep Your Rocks Clean

Rocks installed in water features can easily get molds. A rock landscape covered with molds is not a good sight to see. Scrub off the molds using a bleach solution but be careful so as not to damage the stones. Additionally, stone pathways must also be scrubbed and dried well to prevent accidents or injury caused by slippery paths.

Remove Unwanted Grass

While rock landscaping does not require a lot of plants, weeds may still grow through its stones. Manually remove the weeds from the stones and make sure to clean the area after by sweeping it. Also, unwanted plants growing in rock gardens are sore in the eye. Trim garden plants regularly and remove unnecessary weeds as well. This way, your rock garden will always look neat and organized.

Cost of Rock Landscape Installation and Maintenance

There are factors to determine the cost of rock landscape installation. The size of the coverage area, the volume of rocks, as well as rock landscape design count in adding up the total cost of installation. Rock landscaping requires a lot of hard work than it looks.

It is best to seek professional landscapers for a guaranteed efficient service. Landscape Creations has been providing quality and professional services to Southern Nevada’s residences since 1995. They have it all from Landscape installation to maintenance. They will be happy to assist you with your landscaping needs.


When designing a landscape, it is best to consider the most practical landscape design depending on the environment where you live. Simple and natural materials such as decorative rocks can create a spectacular landscape.  You just need to be imaginative and creative and explore what resources you have in the area because something great can be done out of small ordinary things like rocks.

Additionally, careful planning helps especially in the design and budget for your landscaping needs. Complement the design with the colors and texture of your home and garden. The work doesn’t end there, though. Maintaining a rock landscape should also be given importance so as not to put all your efforts and resources to waste and to maximize the benefits you can get from Rock Landscaping.