Outdoor Gas Firepits in Las Vegas

After coming up with an idea for your firepit design, it is time to decide on what type of firepit to use outdoors. There are basically 4 types of firepits – wood burning firepits, natural gas, propane, and gel fuel firepits.

Each of these types has its own features. But gas firepits are a better option outdoors. Read along to know more about natural gas and why they are the more popular alternative. 

What Is a Gas Firepit

Natural gas is composed mostly of methane and a few other gases. Lava rocks are used to inflame gas firepits because they are porous. Their attractive appearance also makes them a favorite material for lighting up firepits.  Natural gas can be flamed using a switch which makes them really convenient to use.

The Benefits of Gas Firepits Outdoors

Outdoor fire pits are popular design elements that add value to your home. Gas firepits can be designed distinctively to create an elegant look. Additionally, they provide other benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Here are some of the perks of choosing a gas firepit for your outdoor space.


Gas firepits are cheaper as compared to propane. They are ideal if the firepit needs to be constantly lit. Examples are commercial complexes and parks. They are efficient because of their lower cost of operations. If you plan to stay in your firepit area regularly, then a gas firepit is the best option.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Firepit tables are a pretty addition to your outdoor space. Make your own version of a stylish gas-fueled fire pit with proper covering that can serve as tables. With a posh exterior, you can have a coffee table that would definitely be the envy of your friends. 


Unlike wood burning firepit, gas firepits do not emit smokes that are harmful to the environment. Smoke causes pollution by releasing toxins into the air that can also affect your health. Gas firepits burn cleanly and doesn’t leave residues that may be hazardous.

Also, the need to cut trees for firewood will not be necessary. Gas firepits foster safe and sustainable outdoor landscaping. 

Adjustable Temperatures

Firepits are designed to provide heat or warmth during cold nights. Winter in Las Vegas can have temperatures drop up to 30s Fahrenheit at night. Homeowners with a continuous supply of natural gas can have the pleasure of adjusting the flame to their maximum.

This makes gas firepit a convenient option especially when the temperature unexpectedly drops to lower levels.

Safe to Use

One major benefit of a gas firepit is that it does not produce embers that can glide into the air which may cause fire-related accidents. Also, its control functions help flames to stabilize at a desired level.

Durable and Long Lasting

Gas firepits can last up to many years if maintained properly. Maintenance holds a key factor in keeping your gas firepit in good condition. Some materials like stainless steel are of good quality and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Natural gas firepits are a cheaper option but when it comes to materials for installation, the pricey ones are recommended. It is because they are mostly the durable choice.

The Downside of Using Gas Firepits Outdoors

A gas firepit installed outdoors offers plenty of pros and benefits. But before deciding on whether or not to install one, get to know some of its drawbacks. Read along to know more about its cons and follow the tips to help you from getting into bigger trouble.

Costly Installation

As compared to wood, a gas firepit requires technical knowledge in its installation. Factors such as the distance of burners to the firepit table and how BTUs can affect the size of your firepit need to be considered.

Best Tips:

  • Hire a professional contractor in order to properly set up a gas firepit. Take note that it may not be a cheap investment.
  • Prepare your budget and communicate them with your contractor.

Possible Leaking

Keep dangers away by regularly inspecting for gas leaks. Fortunately, there is a specific odor of gas that can help you identify a leak.

Best Tips:

  • Do not panic! Immediately contact the manufacturer for assistance or replacement.
  • Keep a record of the contact numbers of your suppliers and contractors in case of emergencies like these.
  • Always close the gas valve after use.
  • Store your gas tank in a well-ventilated area.

Need for Regular Maintenance

A firepit of this type requires routine checks for possible weak points. Regularly checking on your gas firepit is necessary to make sure that they are still safe to use. Maintaining them is easier as compared to a wood-burning firepit. Also, changes in weather conditions can affect their physical appearance.

Best Tips:

  • Maintain cleanliness, especially on the gas burner and fire pit table. Regularly wipe them using a damp cloth with soap and water.
  • Cover the gas burner when not in use. You may also cover your firepit if you opt to.
  • Check for gas leakage or loose connections.
  • Remove unnecessary objects in your burner pan.

Installation of an Outdoor Gas Firepit

Before installing a gas fire pit, it is important to remember that they are a complex process and must only be handled by a professional. A permanent, immovable gas firepit is recommended over a portable one. Design your firepit in such a way that they add functionality to your outdoor living to leverage the cost of their installation.

How Much Is the Budget?

Ask yourself how much are you willing to invest in your gas firepit. Keep a budget for installation as well as for maintenance. Expect an expensive cost of installation but minimal maintenance cost. Talk with your professional contractor before the start of the project and how far can your budget go.

Where Will Your Firepit Be Located?

Since they must be ideally immovable, gas firepits must be located someplace in your outdoors where you would want to have them fixated. They must be located at least  10 feet from your house or any structure.

Additionally, the distance of your firepit from the gas source also affects the pressure that will be needed to create a good flame. Identify a strategic location outdoors and communicate with your installer.  

What Will Be the Shape and Size of Your Gas Firepit?

The size of your outdoor gas firepit is essential because it will determine the size of the burner that will be installed.

Consider the height of the furniture that goes with your outdoor fire pit area. Your firepit should complement the height of your lounge or chairs. The shape of your firepit can be round or customized depending on your preference.

Basic Components in Gas Firepit Installation

It is generally not advisable to DIY your outdoor gas firepit unless you have ample knowledge and tools to do them properly. They can be a tedious and overwhelming task for the inexperienced. But for added understanding, here is brief information about the components of a natural gas firepit.

Gas Burner

A burner is usually made of stainless steel with metal tubes that have holes. These holes are used for gas fuels to escape through. When an ignition system is turned on, the gas coming out of the holes of these burners combusts and produces flames.

Connection Kit

A connection kit includes a burner pan, spark igniter, key valve, and hose.  These key components connect the firepit burner to the supply of natural gas. Also included is a spark ignition kit that lights up a firepit using a push button.

Gas Regulator

The role of a gas regulator is to reduce the pressure to the normal level to provide a continual flow of gas. Gas-fueled appliances need a regulator to ensure smooth delivery of fuel at the rate that is required of it. 

Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are enchanting fillers and are perfect for your outdoor firepits. They look pretty sitting in your burner pan with wonderful colors that add to the charm. Additionally, they won’t hurt your pocket and are readily available in Las Vegas.  

Safety Reminders for Your Outdoor Gas Firepits

Having our gas firepit outdoors will not guarantee total safety unless we are mindful of the risks that may arise out of it. It is our responsibility to protect our private space by diligently practicing safety measures to avoid fire accidents to happen.

  • Maintain a firepit safe distance from any combustible material or objects.
  • Cover the firepit burner with fire glass. Use a protective cover for your firepit.
  • Keep the firepit away from flammable objects.  
  • Children should be guarded when around open firepit areas.
  • Regularly check for gas leaks.

The Best Professional Installers in Las Vegas

Stay worry-free from the process of planning to installing your outdoor gas firepit.  Landscape Creations will not only design your perfect firepit but we will create a haven inside your home. We are a team of professionals dedicated to understanding our client’s needs and meeting their expectations. Call or leave us a message if you fancy a quote and we will be happy to assist you.    


Gas firepits have loads of benefits and are evidently the most convenient type for your indoor or outdoor spaces. Investing in high-quality materials can add value not only because they add curb appeal but also because they have a greater chance to last longer. 

It’s always wise to seek professional installers who will understand and deliver quality service. Additionally, it’s important to choose a team that you can trust.