Outdoor Fireplaces in Las Vegas

Another design element that you can add to your outdoor living is an elegant fireplace. They provide warmth and comfort to your home and are a great decorative feature. Additionally, they enhance the functionality of your space and give out an area that is suitable for relaxation.

What Is a Fireplace?

A fireplace is a structure made of brick or stone where a fire is contained. Inside the fireplace is a firebox that holds the media to create a fire and a channel that will allow exhaust gas to escape up to a chimney. They can be fueled using wood, gas, or they can be electric-powered.

Why Install Fireplaces Outdoors?

Fireplaces are equally useful installed indoors. Some people love to stay outdoors especially at night. Additionally, the outdoor area provides a more convenient space for parties and gatherings. Because of these, installing a fireplace outdoors is just rational and logical.  Read along to know more about the benefits of an outdoor fireplace.

They Add Value to Your Property

Installing an outdoor fireplace is improving your home to increase its value. They have been identified by the American Society of Landscape Architects to be one of the top 3 most popular outdoor design elements. An outdoor fireplace is considered an investment that will surely help you recoup a substantial cost to your expenses once you decided to sell your property.

They Improve Your Outdoor Look

Outdoor fireplaces make beautiful upgrades that will add curb appeal to your yard. With the right furniture and impeccable design, a fireplace makes a beautiful centerpiece even in a very simple outdoor area. Also, their astounding structure is a great adornment for parties or gatherings.

You Have a Cradle Where to Relax On

Say hello to spending nights outdoors even during cold nights. Install a fireplace in your empty yard and embrace the warm and cozy feel it gives. Also, just gazing at the fire or listening to the cracking sound of burning wood in a firebox is just so relaxing.

They Add Functionality to Your Yard

Recreational activities such as reading and playing board games can be done outdoors. Outdoor fireplaces create an inviting mood for such activities. They give off a pleasant ambiance that makes those moments more memorable and special.

A fireplace and a firepit in your yard would be perfect for a lazy and chilly night.

Fireplace or Firepit – Which One to Choose?

Both fireplaces and firepits have the same use of giving light and warmth at night. But they have distinctive features that differ from one over the other. Also, they have different qualities that will help you decide what suits your need.

Physical Appearance

A firepit has a 360-degree view of the fire feature that can make you appreciate the entirety of the element at any angle. They also allow a full-circle interaction between you and all the people gathered around. Firepits can be portable or in-ground, round-shaped, or rectangular depending on your preference. Additionally, they are easier to install as they do not have that many details or other parts like that of a fireplace.

On the other hand, a fireplace has a mantel that keeps the fire and smoke at bay. Mantels can be made of bricks, stones, or gravel. They also serve as an elaborate design feature for your fireplace. Important parts of a fireplace like a chimney, a flue, and a firebox are not needed on a firepit.

In terms of structure, a well-designed stone fireplace takes up a striking appearance outdoors.

Outdoor Experience

Firepits create a rustic vibe and a campfire feel to your yard. They are ideal for large crowds of 5 to 10 seating. Informal gatherings can be held in your firepit area where you can grill barbecue while chatting with old friends.

If you are fond of formal parties or even cocktail events at home, then a patio with a gorgeous fireplace is perfect for you. They provide a warm ambiance that complements fine wine and a festive mood. Additionally, a fireplace is ideal for intimate gatherings. For a small family who loves to spend the nights simply to relax and chill, adding a nice fireplace to your outdoor space is not a bad idea.   

An elaborately designed wood-burning fireplace with compartments to store wood adds accent to modern home.

Heat Reception

An open space reduces the heat that comes from your firepit.  Heat is easily dispersed into the air especially on windy days. As a result, firepits produce a lesser intensity of heat. If you love big gatherings outdoors, keeping the space warmer for all to experience could be difficult.

The design of a fireplace itself keeps heat concentrated creating a warmer space. Whether you position your fireplace on a patio or over an open yard, windy evenings do not affect the heat it can produce.

Wood Firepit Versus Wood Fireplace

Wood-burning fire pits can be very traditional and homely. But they emit smoke that is uncontrollable and might be unpleasant to your neighbors. With a wood-burning fireplace, that won’t be a problem. Smoke is directed towards the chimney and up so that guests can continue to feel comfortable in the conversation area.

A popular design for a wood-burning fireplace incorporates wood storage in the design itself. Compartments can be added to the structure where the wood will be stored easily. This design idea gives subtle rawness as well as contemporary touch to your fireplace.   


There is a need to take extra caution if you are chilling out with your kids on a windy night. The flames could get wild and your attention could shift to it instead of just enjoying the moment.

For safety purposes, you can add a windshield to your firepit if you are concerned about that. In a wood-burning firepit, sparks are also a problem. That is why you have to think and consider a lot of things before you decide to install one.

With a firebox and a mantle that holds fire and its residue, a fireplace clearly has the advantage over a firepit. You can also install a fire screen just to make sure you do not have to worry about how safe it could be for your kids.

This monumental fireplace is an outdoor centerpiece that creates an inviting atmosphere.

Labor and Materials Cost

Expect a higher cost of installation with a fireplace over a firepit. It is because extra materials are needed to build them. Also, they require a longer period of time to get completely done. Fireplace designs are likewise more elaborate than a firepit. It is recommended to talk first with your professional fireplace installer and ask for a quote for your chosen design.

Getting the Best Fireplace Installation in Las Vegas

If you are thinking about installing a fireplace for a cozy space where you can just sit and relax, Landscape Creations offers quality service that is worth your money and trust.

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Home improvement is something that you need to consider in order to upgrade your living as well as to increase the value of your property. Investing in an outdoor fireplace in Las Vegas adds appeal to your space and creates a warm and comfortable outdoor living.  Contact and get a quote from a fireplace installer near you and see how your simple yard transforms into a beautiful haven.