Outdoor Firepits in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just all about having hot arid weather all throughout the year. Even in the desert, the state has still four seasons including a chilly winter with freezing temperatures. Outdoor fire pits are perfect in (almost) any season. They provide a cozy atmosphere in the summer and warmth during cold winter nights. They are remarkably functional on (almost) any day of the year!

Outdoor Firepits – Definition and Origin

Firepit is basically a pit dug to create a hole where a fire feature can be stored to prevent it from spreading. Over the years, the significance of fire has evolved. They were used to produce lights in the early times. They are an essential tool for cooking. They are even an important element in contacting the Spirit world. 

Today, fire is an added feature to beautify our homes. What better way to appreciate its beauty is to contain it in a pit? Outdoor firepits’ purpose includes providing comfort and aesthetics in modern living.    

Why Install an Outdoor Firepit in Las Vegas

The good news is that Las Vegas does not require a permit for homeowners who wish to install fire pits in their backyards.  You can enjoy all of its benefits without having to worry about being reported by nosy neighbors. Just make sure not to create a nuisance if you don’t want to get yourself into trouble.

Warmth and Comfort

Las Vegas is known for its glimmering lights and active nightlife like no other! Social gathering is a norm and can be done wherever including the backyard. An outdoor firepit is a perfect addition to your gorgeous landscape. It gives warmth and a feeling of relaxation at night that relieves anxiety and stress.


Having an outdoor fire pit can increase curb appeal and eventually add value to your property. Enjoy a barbecue night with friends outdoors around your firepit area. Or just chill and get cozy on the patio with a fancy firepit installed.


Fire is no doubt the best provider of light. It was used as one of the main sources of survival in the early times. Its light-giving property is incomparable even to modern-day commercial lights. Fire ablaze under a starry warm night on a pit with good company and wine will truly be one that creates great memories.

Energy – Saver

An array of lights in the backyard such as well-lit string lights decorated in the garden can give an obvious attraction to passersby. But it consumes a lot of energy even if it’s LED. Unlike commercial lights, firepits do not use electricity to light them up. Save your worries from incurring high electric bills and choose which among these fire pit fuel options suit your need.

Wood Fire Pit

As the name suggests, wood or a log is the main component to ignite a fire in your pit. You can have that campfire feel right in your backyard while having grilled pork or marshmallows to go with it. A wood fire pit is relatively safe for cooking but creates huge flames or gets extremely hot if uncontrolled. They also create large smoke and might not be allowed in some areas or States.

However, they are a good option if you are keen on the budget for the installation and maintenance of your firepit. 

Natural or Propane Gas

Unlike wood fire pit, the flame can be adjusted in a natural or propane gas-fueled pit. It makes it way safer to use even on a portable firepit. Also, both do not produce fires with smoke. Natural gas is cheaper than propane. But propane produces twice the heat as that of natural gas.  Both are recommended in many households especially if you are thinking of a permanent fire feature in your backyard. They usually come out clean even after using them for long hours.

The downside is that they are not ideal for cooking or grilling food. But when it comes to aesthetics, a natural or propane gas fire pit can transform a simple backyard into an elegant outdoor space that will surely be your favorite spot in the house.

Health Benefits

Have you noticed the soothing effect of sitting by a firepit watching lights flicker and getting drawn into the moment? Surprisingly, there are health benefits derived from just listening to the cracking sound of burning wood or sitting next to a campfire. A study made by the Journal Evolutionary Psychology of the University of Alabama reveals that its relaxing effect reduces blood pressure and anxiety.

Installing an Outdoor Firepit in Your Las Vegas Home

Outdoor firepits vary in size, shape, type, material, and design. It is important to first determine how they can be functional in your home. Also, consider how much you are willing to spend for your firepit installation and maintenance. Here is a list of factors to remember in designing your dream outdoor firepit. Although we recommend hiring professional installers for a flawless finish.

Outdoor Firepit Costs

In almost all projects, determining the cost of fire pit installation is one of the first things to consider. The size of the firepit, the design, and the material have to do with the total cost. Plan ahead and talk with your fire pit contractor about budget concerns. If you are thinking about DIY-ing, make sure to follow safety protocols especially if you intend to use gas or propane-fueled firepits.


How many people do you expect to get together frequently in your backyard? Is it composed of large groups? Or would you prefer to get cozy and intimate with the closest family members?

Also, the perimeter of your backyard has to do with how much space you can occupy for the entire firepit area. Just don’t forget to create a safe space so that the pit cannot be so close to a structure that can potentially catch accidental fire. The larger the size of your intended firepit, the bigger the cost of installation.


Firepits complement hardscapes in your Las Vegas home. A fire feature is a perfect addition to your landscape. Firepit is not solely for decorative use. The fire it produces provides warmth to people gathering around. Whatever material you choose, it is important that it can withstand constant exposure to heat. 

Natural Stone

The best way to decide on what stone material to use is to consider the architecture of your home. A natural stone firepit fueled by wood would best fit in an environment surrounded by nature. If your idea of a paradise is a traditional home with a large backyard and plenty of trees in the garden area, then go for natural stone material. They are also ideal for desert landscapes to add to that rustic touch.


This material is gaining popularity because of its stability and visually aesthetic look. They are durable and safe to use. They are also flexible and can be designed uniquely according to your taste. Brick firepits can be in circles, rectangles, or angled.  You can paint them with colors that will go with your theme, or alternately pile them up to create art design. All it takes is some creativity and innovation.


Concrete can make your firepit look classy and elegant. They can be made either portable or built in your yard. You can install a portable concrete firepit on the patio or any indoor space in your home. A natural or propane gas-fueled pit is ideal in this type of material to avoid smoke or black traces of fire residue from staining your concrete. You can also paint them with colors that complement your home.

Outdoor Firepit Types

Before planning how to make your firepit visually attractive, the first thing that you need to consider is whether you prefer it to be fixed in one place or carry it in any area around your yard. You can also have both to experience the best of what they can offer.

Portable Firepits

Portable firepits are budget-friendly. You may even find some sold at local stores. They appear to be visually appealing. If you’re lucky enough, you can find a cheap portable pit with good quality. Additionally, extra care measures would be necessary for them to last a long time. Proper storage is also important to keep them in their best shape.

  • Are versatile and can be placed anywhere you want.
  • Less expensive, easy maintenance.
  • Flames can be easily controlled and monitored.
  • Comes in different styles and designs.
  • Ideal for small spaces or yards.
  • Practical.
  • Adds lesser value to your home than built-in firepits.
  • Does not produce much heat.
  • Pose a risk for safety when the metal gets too hot. Transport to the storage area can be difficult.

In-Ground Firepits

They are permanently installed in your yard or patio that serve as a focal point in your home where you can relax. Accompanied by built-in concrete or angled wooden chairs, in-ground firepits create a bonfire feel at the same time an added luxury to your home. They function best as heat providers on cold nights and are perfect for barbecue get-togethers.  

  • Adds substantial value to your home.
  • Can be customized according to your taste.
  • Provides ample heat and warmth to your guest gathered around.
  • Gives more light at night.
  • Creates a focal point.
  • Installation costs are higher than the portable ones.
  • Fire needs to be kept in control to avoid embers from falling onto places outside of the pit.
  • Firepit must be installed a few feet from other structures.            

Firepit Precautionary Measures

Safety in our homes must always be our first priority. It is critical that our in-ground firepits must be installed by professionals following strictly the Nevada county fire code. Our duty is to know the ways in which we can prevent accidents to happen once it’s installed.  Additionally, if you are DIY-ing a permanent firepit for your home, then these are some helpful reminders to keep in mind. 

  • Keep your firepit at a safe distance from any structure of your home (not less than 50 feet from any structure). 
  • Be wary about any combustible material around its location that may cause harm when in contact with fire.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in an accessible and easy-to-locate area nearby.
  • Do not lit fire when the weather is not suitable for it.
  • Manage the flames and keep them in control.
  • Children and pets must be watched over especially if the fire is up and portable firepits get too hot to avoid accidents of skin getting burnt.
  • Learn how to totally and safely put out a fire.

Design Your Dream Outdoor Firepit

If you are the type who enjoys stargazing, grilling hotdogs, or roasting s’mores in the company of your family and friends then a firepit can be your favorite area around the house.

At Landscape Creations, we can help you build a customized outdoor firepit that will transform your empty yard into something functional. Just drop us a message and we would be happy to serve you.