Gas vs Electric Outdoor Fireplaces in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may not be as cold as the other states during winter, but they can get really uncomfortable chilly nights during the season. Homeowners would prefer to stay indoors making the outdoor space less functional and livable. However, there is a solution to that. Installing fireplaces in Las Vegas has become customary to combat … Read more

Outdoor Electric Fireplace in Las Vegas

Keeping your outdoor space warm at night can be very difficult, especially during winter. Many homeowners love to spend their time together outdoors, which can be a challenge when the weather is not ideal. Firepits or fireplaces can help you with this problem. However, they tend to be a bit burdensome and require a lot … Read more

Outdoor Fireplaces in Las Vegas

Another design element that you can add to your outdoor living is an elegant fireplace. They provide warmth and comfort to your home and are a great decorative feature. Additionally, they enhance the functionality of your space and give out an area that is suitable for relaxation. What Is a Fireplace? A fireplace is a … Read more

Outdoor Gas Firepits in Las Vegas

After coming up with an idea for your firepit design, it is time to decide on what type of firepit to use outdoors. There are basically 4 types of firepits – wood burning firepits, natural gas, propane, and gel fuel firepits. Each of these types has its own features. But gas firepits are a better … Read more

Las Vegas Outdoor Firepit Ideas

A fire feature is a perfect addition that produces a visually appealing landscape. An outdoor fire pit transforms your home into a haven and creates a leisurely ambiance. It’s very functional and there are a lot of firepit designs and ideas that you can choose from. Here are some of the unique ideas that may … Read more

Outdoor Firepits in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just all about having hot arid weather all throughout the year. Even in the desert, the state has still four seasons including a chilly winter with freezing temperatures. Outdoor fire pits are perfect in (almost) any season. They provide a cozy atmosphere in the summer and warmth during cold winter nights. … Read more