Outdoor Electric Fireplace in Las Vegas

Keeping your outdoor space warm at night can be very difficult, especially during winter. Many homeowners love to spend their time together outdoors, which can be a challenge when the weather is not ideal. Firepits or fireplaces can help you with this problem. However, they tend to be a bit burdensome and require a lot of effort during installation or usage.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about these things. Electric fireplaces provide instant warmth to your outdoors without the hassle. If you’re thinking of a better way to warm up your outdoor space with a style, then buckle up for a gorgeous fireplace that operates with just a click!

A wall-mounted electric fireplace never goes out of style.

The Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

A fireplace can be installed indoors or outdoors. For your outdoor space, you can either have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, a natural gas fireplace, or an electric fireplace. Most fireplaces are a permanent feature to your home that is why it is important that you choose what suits you.

Electric fireplaces pose many advantages that other types do not have. Read along to know what benefits you can get if you decide to install one in your outdoor area.

One Click Does the Trick

With just one click, you can easily turn the fireplace on or off. This can be done with a single multi-functional remote control. There is no fuss about preparing for the firewood or gas that needs to be regularly checked if the supply is available, or if there is any leak. An electric fireplace can give you no hassle when it comes to bringing out instant warmth from sudden unpredictable cold weather. 

Heat Adjustment

Select the ideal temperature for your indoor or outdoor space with the tap of a finger. Electric fireplaces provide you with the comfort of just the right amount of heat that you want all night. Whether alone or with other people over, your fireplace can be adjusted to suit the desired heat you need.


Electric fireplaces do not use wood or gas to light up. This means that you are saving natural resources as well as preventing pollution since no combustible by-products are released into the atmosphere. You can basically have a guilt-free relaxation.

Energy Saving

Heating your room with a lowered thermostat can save much energy. Once turned on, all energy in an electric fireplace is converted into heat. There is no waste in the process, making them an efficient energy-saver option.

This important feature of a fireplace can also dramatically reduce electricity bill if you are concerned about that.

Technologically Advanced

Level up your fireplace experience with a state-of-the-art electric fireplace. They are designed to give you not only warmth during the night but also incorporate an appealing edge. Appreciate LED lights that give off regulated heat and nearly authentic flames that changes their color, brightness, and patterns. With these features, indoor or outdoor spaces will be an added attraction for your guests.

The red flames produced by this electric fireplace looks like its wood-burning firepit counterpart.

Here are some added features of a technologically advance fireplace that will surely make you want to have them. Simply click the button to bring out some of these exciting features.

  • Get flames without heat if you opt for the ambiance only.
  • Nearly authentic flames that can change colors.
  • Simulated crackling sounds and sparks that resembles actual fireplace or firepit.
  • Touch screen panel for convenient use.
  • Sleep timer for flames and heat to ensure safety.

Cheaper Option

Compared to gas, electric fireplaces are a cheaper option. They have a simpler installation process, and the materials are readily available in the market. However, it’s recommended that you hire a professional to do the job. Additionally, the electrical installation in a fireplace can be dangerous especially if you do not have the expertise in handling them.

Safe to Use

Worry no more about having little kids or pets roaming around your fireplace even when they are turned on. With the absence of an authentic flame, there can be no instance of accidental fire like traditional fireplaces. Also, the heater is enclosed in a metal grill, an added advantage for you not to get too anxious while your kids play around. You just get to enjoy every moment with them.  

Low Maintenance

Your electric fireplace can give you less headache because of their easy maintenance. Once installed, occasionally remove dust using a damp cloth. Clean them off with water and soap to keep them looking pretty and in pristine condition. Avoid using harmful cleaning agents that can damage their physical look. Like any other fireplace, do not throw trash or plastic to it.

It’s inevitable that the installation of an electric fireplace could be an additional expense to your monthly electric bill. However, manage the use of your fireplace by lowering the thermostat level. Know when to turn them off when enough heat is emitted to make everyone feel comfortable in a room or outdoors. 

Installing an Electric Fireplace Outdoors

An outdoor fireplace provides aesthetic and style to your outdoor living. They also add value to your home which signifies a good investment.

There are some things that you need to remember if you wish to install an outdoor electric fireplace. Here are a few lists that might be of help.

Not All Fireplaces Are Made for Outdoors

When installing them, make sure that they are made for outdoor space. There are electrical fireplaces that are designed for outdoor use. These models are weatherproof and outdoor rated. Read the label to see if they are fitted for your yard or patio.

Also, check for warranty and ensure that you use the product correctly.

The Size of Your Outdoor Space Matters

Electric fireplaces give off heat that is measured by British Thermal Unit (BTU). The amount of BTU best fitted for your outdoor depends on how large your space is. Before installing them to your yard, keep in mind the heat requirement that would suffice in your area and complement them with the BTU rating.

Ensure Sufficient Energy Distribution

To ensure that there is sufficient electrical distribution, always locate your fireplace near an outlet. Avoid using extension cords when turning them on. You might not notice that other electrical appliances are also plugged onto the cords at the same time. They can be hazardous and can cause fire. Try to avoid using them altogether for your safety.

Think of Them as Investment

Fireplaces are an investment and it is practically wise to get high-quality installation by hiring a professional. They can safely and accurately install your outdoor electric fireplace without much hassle to you.

Plus, it will save you time, energy, and effort from planning to actually do the work until its completion.

The Best Fireplace Installer in Las Vegas

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Modern technology has our touch homes by introducing electric fireplaces that gives us the same comfort and cozy feel like that of a natural one. Since then, they have continued to innovate by coming up with electric fireplace features that are aesthetically appealing.

Transform your home into a haven and an oasis for luxury living. Create a space for relaxation at night right outside your doorstep! Contact us to make all this possible.