Maintaining Your Landscaping in Las Vegas

It’s a dream of every homeowner to create a beautiful landscape in their own yards. Additionally, a well-maintained landscape adds curb appeal and is aesthetically pleasing. Maintaining a landscape requires consideration of factors such as the environment and type of weather in your area.

Understanding the Climate and Environment in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a unique climate distinct from other regions. They have arid weather conditions and a subtropical hot desert climate most of the year.  Landscaping features and elements that do not use much water for their maintenance are perfect for this environment.

Additionally, water scarcity is a constant problem in Las Vegas. It also does not help that the state of Nevada is experiencing climate change which also affects the water supply. 

Characteristics of Las Vegas Climate

Las Vegas is characterized by dry summers and mild winters. It gets a lot of sunny days the whole year round. Because of the hot weather, it is advised to get enough water and stay hydrated. Hardscaping and using drought-tolerant plants in your landscape are ideal for Nevada homeowners.

Soil Quality

Clay and rock-hard caliche are abundant soils in Nevada. They’re low-nutrient soils with little to no organic matter. In other words, human intervention is needed in order for these types of soil to support plant life.

Water Availability

The Colorado River provides for Nevada’s 70 percent water supply. With the increase in population and expected increase in water demand, various plans of action are made to avoid water shortage. Also, Nevada has only a small portion of rainwater per year.

The Importance of Maintaining a Landscape

Green grasses create a cooling effect on our environment. In Las Vegas where the weather is hot, the last thing that we want to happen is growing weeds and brown grasses. Maintaining your landscape helps keep plants and grasses healthy.

Aesthetic Appeal

Curb appeal and an increase in the value of the property are one of the benefits of landscape maintenance. A pretty landscape attracts positive energy. Your backyard can also be a place where you can spend long lazy hours. To do that, you need to make it appealing and livable.

Environmental Benefits

You would not want pests or insects to dwell in your yard. Mosquitos can breed in an unclean waterfall. Mites can reproduce in your untrimmed flowerbeds. Landscape maintenance keeps your environment clean and pest-free.

Health Benefits

Plants can give a soothing vibe mentally and emotionally. They are relaxing to look at and helps relieve stress. A well-maintained landscape provides cleaner air. With a well-manicured landscape, you can appreciate the beauty of nature. Additionally, that helps in reducing depression and anxiety.


Slippery and molded pavers can cause accidents to walk on pathways. The thought of spiders and insects inhabiting unattended gardens and neglected weeds is terrifying. Landscape maintenance helps create a safe outdoor space where you can spend time with your loved ones without worrying about these problems.


Las Vegas has provided landscaping maintenance policies for homeowners. It helps to know these policies especially if you are planning to do the maintenance yourself. While it may seem to be an easy task, DIY landscape maintenance can take much of your time and will probably leave you very exhausted.

Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Landscape maintenance does not come easy especially if you have a large yard. The best way to start is to sort out landscape elements or features and identify the proper ways to maintain them.

Regular Lawn Care

Keeping your lawn look healthy and well-manicured can be a concern for inexperienced homeowners. Just like the living room, your lawns are an essential part of your home. The front yard is probably the first thing that your guests will notice. Your backyard can be a place for gathering, making it vulnerable to critics. Below are some tips that could help you maintain a healthy lawn.

Mow Regularly

For easy trimming of grasses, make use of a lawn mower. A lawn mower is a machine that is used to cut grass. It has blades that can cut grass surfaces to an even height.  Lawn service maintenance professionals usually have a desired length in which to cut the grass. Grasses grow healthier and weeds are prevented. They also maintain sharp-bladed and heavy-duty mowers that can serve the purpose.

Do Not Forget to Water  

A green lawn is always pleasant to look at. In Nevada where the weather is mostly arid and hot, it is important to make use of water efficiently. Install a functional irrigation system and make sure that it is always checked and maintained. For Nevada residences, sprinklers may only be used at a designated time to avoid water waste.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority also provides tips on how to efficiently water your plants and lawns

Use Fertilizer

Nevada soil is traditionally hard and lacks organic matter.  In other words, plants have fewer chances of life and proper application of fertilizer may be necessary.  Soil supports plant growth by storing water and nutrients. You can always seek professional advice on what fertilizers to use to maintain healthy soil.

Remove Weeds

For rocky or clay soils such as Nevada, it is best to use a deep-root weeding tool to remove the weeds entirely from their roots. Use a weeding tool for flower beds that won’t disrupt flower roots. In any case, weed removal requires a lot of effort and time. If you are not up for that challenge, it is recommended to hire a professional for the job.

Plant Care and Maintenance

Like lawns, your plants and trees need proper care and maintenance. They are important elements in your landscaping. Keeping them healthy can affect the overall look of your landscape.  Some basic but very helpful tips to grow healthy plants and trees are as follows.

Prune and Trim

A dead leaf or shrub is a sore in the eye of a plant or garden enthusiast. They may also contaminate healthy leaves growing on the same branch. A solution to that problem is proper pruning. Using shears or scissors, cut out the dead leaves or branches of a plant. Yellow or brown leaves can also be pulled out to avoid dead leaves from spreading. 

If you have hedges on your landscape, a clipper or hedge shear can be used for minor trimming and shaping. Be cautious when using hedge trimmers as they have very long and sharp blades.

Know How Much Water Your Plants Need

Water is one of the basic sources of life for all living things. It is used for photosynthesis, a process all plants undergo to survive. To keep them healthy and alive, know when to water them and how much watering they need.

Fertilize When Needed

Fertilizers provide nutrients for plants’ essential growth. Essential nutrients such as potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen allow them to grow faster and flourish. Fertilizers can be organic or synthetic. The right amount of fertilizer must be enough to restore the nutrients for plants to absorb.

Add Mulch

Mulching provides a lot of benefits for your growing plants. Mulch protects roots from extremely hot temperatures. They help moisturize the soil by preventing it to dry up easily. The same layer of protection is given during winter. They provide warmth on plant surfaces to prevent roots from withering due to excess water. Mulch is helpful for places with arid weather conditions like Nevada.

Irrigation System Maintenance

An irrigation system helps control the amount of water used. Too much or too little watering can affect the growth of your plants. It is important to clean your sprinkler system regularly. Also, check for leaks in your irrigation. Any problems encountered in the irrigation system must immediately be addressed.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority recommends installing drip irrigation as ideal for desert plants and desert landscaping.

Do-It-Yourself Landscaping Maintenance

How do you maintain a landscape by yourself? Landscape maintenance requires time, effort, and resources. You may also need to invest in high-quality and durable tools for its upkeep. High-quality maintenance tools last longer than cheap ones. Additionally, it is recommended to have basic knowledge of how to use and operate maintenance tools and equipment. 

Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care Tips

  • Manual removal of weeds can take some time and use a lot of effort. Remember to use rubber latex gloves to protect your hands from thorns and thistles.
  • The most economical and environment-friendly procedure to produce healthier soil is composting. Before you throw away all those waste materials, why not use them as natural organic fertilizer for your lawn and plants?

Do-It-Yourself Plant Care Maintenance Tips

  • Secure your plant maintenance tools properly in a place not accessible to small kids.
  • Clear out brown or dead leaves and weeds after pruning by sweeping regularly.
  • Do not wait for leaves to wither or branches to grow longer. Regular pruning and trimming can save time and energy.
  • Read the label carefully to know how much fertilizer should be applied if you are using commercial fertilizer.
  • Get familiar with your plants. Know how much water they need and when to water them.

Do-It-Yourself Irrigation System Maintenance Tips

  • It helps to acquire basic plumbing skills in case of leaks found in the irrigation system.
  • Regularly clean the sprinkler head using a brush, cotton, or sponge.
  • Keep the tools available in case of sprinkler adjustment and basic repair.

Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself Landscaping

If you are still in doubt about whether or not to DIY your landscape maintenance, here are the pros and cons of DIY-ing that might help you decide.

  • It can be a form of physical exercise.
  • It is therapeutic and relieves anxiety. Good for your mental health.
  • It brings out creativity in you.
  • You get to be one with nature.
  • It is a great bonding activity if you are doing it with your partner or kids.
  • It is economical.
  • Caring for and maintaining your own landscape requires a lot of effort.
  • It is time-consuming.
  • Purchasing your own tools is an additional expense.
  • The risk of neglecting some safety protocols, especially in handling equipment is high.
  • The output may not be as seamless as that of a professional.

Given a large lot with delicate landscaping features, it is always wise to hire a professional landscaper. While smaller lawns with simple and manageable landscape can opt for DIY maintenance. 

Dealing With Common Landscaping Issues

Lawn care and plant care may be a manageable task to some. But there are landscaping problems that only a professional landscaper can address. If you happen to notice any of these landscaping issues, then it is probably time to grab that phone and talk to a professional.

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is mainly caused by water. Soil particles are washed away and loosened causing the unstable foundation to structures. It can also damage garden beds and pavers. Your neatly-kept landscape may be destroyed if the problem of erosion gets serious. Stabilizing slopes and installing an irrigation system are the solutions your professional landscaper might recommend.

Poor Drainage

Drainage helps control the water that flows into your landscape. A drainage system is as important as your irrigation system. It controls the amount of water that is retained in your yard. Soil erosion is not the only problem that can rise from poor drainage. Overwatering can cause rotten roots in plants and eventually kill them.

Pest Infestations

Pest infestations are a menace to your garden. Spiders, bugs, mites, and insects are common pests that can destroy your landscape. Make sure to regularly check your yard for pests. Contact a licensed pest control expert to manage pest infestations in your yard,.

High Maintenance Cost

Gardening, lawn care, and general yard upkeep can sum up to a hefty cost to homeowners. The larger yard even costs more than the smaller one. You can try some cost-effective ways to lower the monthly expenses for landscape maintenance.

For example, instead of over-planting why not incorporate hardscapes? Hardscapes do not need that much water saving you from incurring additional water charges.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaper

Hiring a professional landscaper may mean additional expense, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. For one, they are experts in their field. They have dealt with quite a number of landscaping issues and problems. Read along to know more about the benefits of hiring a professional landscaper.

Quality Service

You can be guaranteed quality service since landscaping companies would like to retain or attract more clients. From that point of view, they would not want their customers to get disappointed with their output. Also, you would be ensured of quality service that is proportionate with the price.

Technical Know-how

Professional landscapers are skillful with using the right tools. They are familiar with the weather condition in your area. They also have the perfect landscaping design for your yard. And perhaps the best solution to your drainage problem. Hiring a professional landscaper is like shopping in a one-stop shop. The solution to all your possible needs is there.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Adding value and curb appeal to the property is one of the benefits of landscaping. Landscape professionals are very much aware of how a beautifully created landscape enhances curb appeal. For a landscaper, the possibilities are limitless.

Saves Time and Money

Maintaining a landscape is tiresome and costly. You will have to invest in personal resources like time and money. By employing a landscape professional, you can only spend on the cost of the services they offer. You can have all your time for yourself.  The work is quicker and better when the task is done by a professional. Also, landscape maintenance can be stressful and you wouldn’t want that.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Landscaping Service

Whether it’s for installation or maintenance of a landscape, it is important to choose not only the most qualified landscaper in the area. Credibility in terms of compliance with the existing policies also matters. Here are some considerations before employing a landscape professional.

Define Your Budget

Have an idea of how much-estimated cost you will incur in your landscape. You can always sit with your landscaper and discuss the matter. Make sure that all fees required to be settled before starting the project are included in the estimated cost.  

Bid if You Must

Finding a landscaper is like shopping for quality and affordable items. Bidding is one of the processes that can help you find the right company for the job. Filter your landscape contractors and choose one that you most feel comfortable working with.

Discuss the cost when doing the bid. If a contract has been prepared, be sure to read its entirety and sign only if you have agreed with the terms and conditions in the contract.

Get To Know Your Contractor

If someone referred you to a contractor, ask for their previous projects. See if they meet your standards and discuss with them your conditions. Also, if you are from Las Vegas, it is wise to check the Nevada State Contractors Board if they have good standing.

Check for License

Make sure that the landscape contractor has a registered business license. A qualified and experienced contractor must abide with the law. Securing permits and other licenses is a must. It also helps to know that licensed contractors are insured before signing a contract with them.

Tips for Working With a Professional Landscaper

Working with a landscape professional is the start of a long-term partnership. Their job does not end in designing your landscape. Most probably they will be the ones to handle your landscape maintenance needs. In order to create a healthy partnership, remember these guidelines

Be Clear of Your Expectations

Communicate how you would like the outcome to be. Solicit ideas from your professional landscaper if you think your plan is not feasible. It helps if both parties understand each other’s needs and expectations. Building trust to create a healthy relationship is also important.

Be Flexible

Be open to changes in your landscaping. Experienced landscapers know the best ideas for your yard. Sometimes adjustments have to be made in order to meet the requirement of a sound landscape. Professional landscapers are knowledgeable in many aspects. They know what landscaping feature fits your environment as well as the availability of materials. 

Record All Changes Made in Your Landscape Design

A written document about the changes made in your landscape will protect you from a possible dispute in the future. Record all activities and transactions pertaining to your landscape installation and maintenance. Keep a record of all important documents on file as well such as licenses, permits, and signed contracts.

Learn Maintenance Tips from Your Landscaper

Your landscaper must also keep their clients informed about how maintenance tools work. Basic landscaping maintenance guides and local policies in compliance with landscape maintenance must also be communicated. It also helps if your landscape contractor will give an assurance of their availability when you need their assistance.

Landscape Maintenance Services in Las Vegas

If you are looking for quality and professional landscapers in Las Vegas, then search no more.

Landscape Creations provide quality services to Las Vegas homeowners at reasonable costs. Their services include artificial turf, landscape design, sprinklers, and irrigation installation. They also provide maintenance services to make your landscape look as impeccable as ever. All these services and more from hands-on professionals who are always ready to assist you with your landscaping needs.


We see beautifully created and well-maintained landscapes from our neighbors and friends, leaving us ecstatic. We sometimes dream of having one, too, right?

But do we actually consider the efforts made to create one majestic landscape? And how about the difficult process of maintaining it?

Installing a landscape is the beginning of another responsibility. The work does not stop if you already have it in your yard. In fact, it only starts from there. A landscape could only flourish if it is well-maintained and nurtured.

If you do not have time for mowing, pruning, or even arranging stone beds, a professional landscaper will suit you. They will make life easier for you and your landscape prettier.