Las Vegas Pool Landscaping Ideas

Everyone is dreaming about bringing paradise into the comfort of their own homes. When we talk about getaway places, we think of going to the beach. It is the perfect place where we can escape from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.  The good news is that we can actually create our own paradise without leaving our homes.

And I am talking about building your very own pool. It doesn’t matter if it’s not that fancy. After all, pools were designed for the same reason. To give owners a place to relax and do physical activity at the same time.

For Las Vegas homeowners, a well-designed pool will not only add value to your home. It is most practical considering the arid weather of the region. Plus, that tropical vibe it gives makes you feel like you are constantly on a vacation.

The Benefits of Having a Pool

For some people, having a pool in the backyard enhances their lifestyle. In Nevada where the weather is hot and sunny most of the year, it helps refreshen their bodies. Besides, if you have a large lot, it would be best to utilize it not only for aesthetic purposes.

Regular swimming keeps your heart and lungs healthy. Swimming also provides other health benefits that could improve your physical and mental well-being. Additionally, having a pool at home creates a new activity where you can bond with your family and friends. And what better way to bond than doing a physical activity together?

Creative Pool Features

Say goodbye to boring pools by adding features that can enhance the overall look of your pool area. Landscape Creations has been providing quality and professional services to Southern Nevada’s residences since 1995.

We have professional landscapers that will transform your pool area into an oasis where you can enjoy any minute of the day! Here are some suggested features that you can add to your dream Las Vegas pool.

Plant Some Palm Trees for That Tropical Vibe

Sure enough, adding palm trees within the pool area keeps that feeling of having your own resort at home. You can also plant some outdoor trees or plants that will complement the beach or vacation vibe. Use high-quality planters that could withstand prolonged exposure to heat such as metal or fiberglass if you opt for potted plants.

Complement With the Perfect Water Feature

Water features added to your pool design will create a spa-like ambiance that will definitely be beneficial to your health.  Just the right size waterfall within your pool will serve as a focal point and add aesthetics and value to your home.  Here are some types of water features to consider.


Probably one of the most popular water features. Installing pool waterfalls requires drainage and a pump system. It’s best to seek professional services if you wish to have one. Waterfalls help the water circulate, protecting the pool from growing algae. It naturally acts as a filtration system, saving you from incurring additional electricity bills.

Waterfall features will depend on how you would like to design it. Water can flow through rocks for that natural look. It can also be on a sheer descent, where water flows from an arc structure for that modern look, depending on your preference. 

Water Wall

Water walls create that luxurious sense with their elegant style. These are similar to waterfalls, except that water is spilled out from a horizontal spout through a tiled wall beside a pool. It’s important to choose the ideal decorative tile where the water wall will be installed and complement it with the architectural structure of your home to achieve that total hotel-like experience.


Fountains are water features where water is forced up by a pump. It also helps in the filtration system as it allows water to circulate in the pool. Fountains vary in style and design. You can install a fountain through a small opening at the edge or deck jets.

You can have pool bubblers, where fountains create spa-like bubbles. If you want to go stylish, you can have a fountain where water sprouts from an elegant architectural figure or a carved stone to add to that elegant Mediterranean touch.

Spillover Pools

Spillover pools are therapeutic and very relaxing. It works as a hot tub connected to your pool, how cool is that? A natural look spillover pool with large boulders and greenery on the side where water rushes to the pool seems to be a perfect design for those who love nature.

Make sure to coordinate with professional installers who can assist you from installation to the maintenance of a spillover pool.

Water Feature Maintenance

Having a pool at home is pleasant as it is. Additionally, adding water features to increase curb appeal will make it even better. It’s always advisable to seek professional pool landscapers and architects if you plan to install water features in your pool area. Filtration and booster pumps need to be considered and it is better to leave those matters to the experts.

In maintaining pool water features, those pretty hands need to do the work! It’s important to regularly keep the pump clean. To prevent algae from growing, scrub and clean your fountains regularly.

Empty or drain water before scrubbing the area where water falls. If you opt to use natural stones on your spillover pool, watch out for growing molds. For water features to last longer, always keep them well-maintained and clean.

Enhance Pool Area With Some Fire Element

A pool firepit is always classy and never goes out of style. They provide warmth to the area where pool owners spend long hours swimming or just hanging around their backyard. They are fueled by propane, natural gas, or wood.  Just make sure to install them at a safe distance away from your house or any structure for safety reasons.

Pool firepits come in various sizes, designs, and materials.  Pool fire bowls installed at the edge of the pool will add curb appeal. A floating pool fire pit can create a focal point and accentuate the beauty of your pool. You can opt for a rectangular firepit if you have a large pool area to add to that modern style. Choose a design that perfectly suits your need.

Add a Personalized Pool Bar

Are you the type who would rather stay at home and hang out with friends while enjoying your favorite drink? Then why not install a mini pool bar?  Pool bars can create a great bonding experience with your friends over swimming and fancy wine.

Be Sassy with Infinity

If you are living on elevated or hilly ground and wouldn’t mind spending an extra dime for a total hotel experience at home, then adding an infinity pool is a great option. It is a perfect way to relax while appreciating the beauty of nature in the daytime and admiring the city lights that flicker at night. The picture-perfect view from below will make your pool area a favorite spot for a romantic date! 

Blend Colors and Style With Architectural Design

In choosing colors and designs for your pool landscape, complement it with your home’s architectural design. Be bold and play with colors that match a theme that you want.

Modern Pool Landscape Design

A modern pool uses basic neutral colors that complement the modern home. These are elegantly styled pool landscape designs with minimal furniture. The design follows a rhythm of clean geometric lines throughout the pool floor area. Add a raised wooden deck with a roof to your pool area to achieve that perfect dining experience on a modern design pool landscape.

Nature-Inspired Pool Landscape Design

As the name suggests, natural materials are used surrounding the pool area. Large boulders for waterfalls, a stone firepit, and a pool-friendly garden with tropical plants and flowers are some of the elements that can make your pool area look as natural as possible. Use colors such as green, earthy tones, or brown color palettes.  Ideal for nature-inspired pool designs are lagoon-shaped pools.

Mediterranean-Inspired Pool Landscape Design

Light and bright colors such as blue, green, and natural stone colors help achieve that Mediterrenan-inspired pool landscape design. Mediterranean features create a breezy and spacious outdoor space. Ideal for Nevada’s hot weather, this landscape design provides plenty of space for lounging.  You may also add drought-tolerant plants and cobblestones to add to that Mediterranean feel.

Structure and Furniture Matters

Invest in your backyard furniture by choosing high-quality materials that can last even in extreme weather conditions.  Pool patios or pergolas are a perfect shield for hot sunny days. Pool lounges should be number one on the list of must-haves. There are tons of designs to choose from.

Additionally, outdoor sofas provide a place for relaxation and enhance the elegance of your outdoor pool area. Bar chairs are ideal if you opt to have an open bar in your pool area.

Light It Up

A well-lighted pool can illuminate the beauty of your pool landscape at night. LED lights are the safest and most affordable. They consume less energy which in turn saves you from a soaring electricity bill. You can install LED lights on pool surrounding areas, pathways, or near firepits. To lighten up the area while dining, have lights also installed on pergolas or patios.

For Las Vegas homeowners, make sure to check out Nevada’s electrical requirements before you can light up your pool space.

Nevada Pool Restrictions

Whether you plan to have a pool solely for your own personal use or have it open for the public, it is important to know and abide by the basic pool regulations of your county.

Southern Nevada swimming pool code provides a list of what should and what should not be in your pool area. For instance, the size of a pool, the amount of water allowed, and the installation of a fence for safety reasons. Additionally, you may have to secure a permit before you can start building your dream pool design and landscape.

The Perfect Pool Landscape Design for Nevada Residences

You can build an oasis even in the middle of a desert. The uniqueness of Las Vegas’ resources is what makes it a place to build a perfect pool landscape. Nevada’s distinct environment will best supplement the hardscaping design in your outdoor pool area. A pool in a desert with a great landscape built from natural elements will surely captivate your guests.

Landscape Creations provide quality services from professional landscapers from installation to the maintenance of your hardscape.  They will be most happy to assist you in building your dream Las Vegas Pool Landscape.