Las Vegas Sprinklers and Irrigation

Las Vegas Premier Residential Irrigation Company

Our Las Vegas irrigation specialists are exhaustively trained and continuously educated on the most recent watering restrictions and sprinkler codes. We hire and train top technicians that can live up to and deliver premium service and results. We only use top-of-the-line irrigation brands and parts to ensure your Las Vegas irrigation system is doing it’s job and will last for years to come. We are native to Las Vegas and have the experience needed to repair, maintain, program and install sprinkler systems to perform most efficiently in our hot dry summers, and sudden winter freezes. 

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Las Vegas Sprinklers and Irrigation Services Offered:

Valve Repairs and Replacements

Emergency Repairs

Broken Pipes

Broken Sprinkler Heads

Raising or Lowering Sprinkler Heads

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Sunken Sprinkler Heads

Rotary Heads

Drip System Installation

PVB and Anti-Siphon Repairs



Sprinkler Timers/Controllers

Pump Systems

Faulty Wiring

Low Pressure Issues

Coverage Issues

Drip System Repair

Las Vegas Repair | Emergency Service

Landscape Creations charges a $70.00 service fee (not applicable for emergency service). This service fee includes a full diagnostic and evaluation of your system and is applied toward any repairs required upon evaluation of the system. If work exceeds the standard service fee, a written estimate will be provided prior to any additional work being completed. 

Las Vegas Irrigation Installation

Installing an automatic watering system not only saves you time and offers convenience, but it also conserves water when properly set to water at the most efficient times. Proper installation and programming often requires knowledge of soil, plants and other factors, which is why we are here to ensure you don’t have to worry about any of it.

Las Vegas Winterization

We do reach freezing temperatures in the Las Vegas Valley during the winter and this could wreak havoc on your sprinkler system. When temperatures reach the freezing point and below, water in your sprinkler system pipes can freeze into ice and expand, causing your pipes to burst as a result. Winterizing your pipes prevents this from happening.

Winterization Includes:

  • Draining any pipes if necessary
  • Insulating supply-in and supply-out lines with new insulation and heat tape
  • Placement of backflow valve insulted cover

Las Vegas Water Smart Contractor

Landscape Creations has been exhaustively trained in local codes and ordinances related to water conservation and drought restrictions and the techniques and benefits of “Upgrading to Xeriscaping.” We know the concepts and techniques of efficient irrigation design, maintenance and proper scheduling. We are on top of new technologies that can help make irrigation systems more efficient.  


Make sure to visit Southern Nevada Water Authority for water smart tips, news, resources, coupons on rebates. Once you apply for a rebate and submit it to us, Landscape Creations can purchase, set-up and program the equipment for you. Not only will you save on initial equipment purchase, but the decrease in water consumption will help you save on your water bill every month. 

  • Smart Irrigation Clock Rebate: A smart irrigation controller will help you save water by automatically adjusting the watering schedule according to the weather. SNWA offers a rebate coupon for smart controllers
  • Smart Leak Detector Rebate: Smart leak detectors are devices that can prevent or mitigate water damage at your home using an application on your smartphone. This rebate coupon requires participation in a research study and is only for single-family residential properties. If you own a multifamily property, please call 702-862-3760. The coupon is valid for up to $200 off or half the purchase price of the smart leak detector, whichever is less.

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