How Long Does Artificial Turf Last in Las Vegas

Your professional installer may assure you of a 10-year or even 25-year warranty on your artificial grass. It all depends on the type of material used and whether or not it has been properly installed. Additionally, there are other factors that can affect the life span of synthetic grass.

Homeowners have the responsibility of keeping them in good shape after everything has been settled. 

Artificial Turf vs Natural Grass

Natural grass has the potential to flourish for a long period of time. But that only applies to homeowners who are keen on gardening. That takes a lot of time and effort because natural grass is high maintenance if you want to keep them in its best shape. Also, they cannot tolerate much exposure to high foot traffic and trampling endangers them.

As a result, this can lower your home’s property value.

Alternatively, artificial turf can last up to 25 years even without mowing, watering, or weeding. The installation may be pricey but the savings that can be generated because of their low maintenance cost is all worth it. Additionally, synthetic grass provides a variety of choices ideal for your home and your needs. 

Common Causes of Turf Damage and How to Avoid Them

Artificial turf is impossible to be in perfect shape all year round without proper intervention. Some are caused by external factors accidentally damaging our most precious turfs. Here are some of the most common causes of turf damage and how we can address them.

Damage Caused by Installation

Ideally, one would like everything to be perfect, especially if the grass is installed by a professional contractor. But there are instances where they may have overlooked some important details that may sometimes be the cause of minor damage to your grass.

Bad Drainage

There are various reasons why drainage problems occur. It can be the result of a poor installation. The long-term effect of drainage problems in your grass is total damage to your investment. It will make your yard less functional and unpleasant. 

What to Do
  • A high-quality turf has good drainage in its backing than the cheaper ones. Always opt for high-quality turfs.
  • Choose the right infill material.
  • Avoid DIYing turf installation to avoid these troubles.
  • If done by a professional, immediately seek their assistance.   

Growing Weeds

Weeds are the last thing you want to see growing through synthetic grass. After all, you installed them because it’s one of the benefits that you could get. But weeds can actually grow if it were not totally removed or killed using a chemical substance at the stage of installation. It might come as a surprise to you to look at your pristine synthetic grasses with growing weeds!

What to Do
  • Make sure to use weedkillers during installation to guarantee zero weed re-growth.
  • Use weed barriers to prevent weeds from growing through backing holes.

Poor Fitting and Uneven Flooring

Again, this has something to do with poor installation. As simple as loose edges can change the look of your grass. Turfs must have had installed firmly to prevent accidental tripping on the loose area. Also, it looks less appealing and feels annoying to step on an uneven surface of your lawn.

What to Do
  • There is such a thing as “preparation” or “grooming” of the yard before installation. Make sure you do not skip that part.
  • The base where the turf will be installed should be compacted and leveled to prevent bumps and uneven surfaces.

Damage Caused by Exposure to Elements

Your well-installed artificial turf can get damaged if not taken care of. It pays to do research even if you opt to hire a professional to do the job. Caring for your lawn requires effort and special attention. The key is to keep away from all elements that can damage your grass.

Exposure to Sunlight and Heat

It is a fact that the sun’s heat every day can cause damage to your grass. Having a temperature so high all year round can no doubt reduce the density of your grass. Additionally, they will be too hot to walk on and unsafe for kids and pets to play.

What to Do
  • Choose high-quality turf material resilient enough to combat the heat of the sun.
  • Install an infill with cooling technology. This material maintains a cooler surface in your lawn by its ability to absorb less heat than other infills.  

Exposure to High Foot Traffic

Heavy foot traffic is one of the common causes of turf damage. Synthetic grass that is intended for aesthetics only should not be installed in areas where people walk on frequently.  Additionally, turfs with higher pile heights are not ideal for high-traffic areas as they can be easily trampled.

What to Do
  • Get familiar with your turf. Install them in the right places.

Exposure to Burning Objects

The good news is that the materials used in artificial grass do not easily get burnt.  But it can definitely melt from contact with fire.

What to Do
  • After your barbecue party, make sure to tidy up your grill and return it to its proper place. You won’t like to see your grass get damaged once it accidentally catches fire.
  • Avoid using fireworks or firecrackers near your artificial grass to prevent fire residue from contacting your lawn.

Exposure to Sharp Objects

Tearing up your turf because of accidents caused by knives, razors, blades, and scissors is possible. This can damage your grass even without you knowing it. It may only rip a small part of your turf but in the long run, it can create bigger problems.

What to Do
  • Sharp objects should never be found in your yard if you consider them a place where your kids and pets have fun and play. 

Artificial Turf Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf does not need mowing, weeding, or trimming. It also does not attract insects and pests. Homeowners can enjoy artificial turfs that can stay in their pristine condition even for years if maintained properly. Here are some tips on how you can keep your grass looking lush and green.

Maintain Cleanliness

Keeping your turf clean and sanitized is the basic step to maintaining its flawless condition. Animal droppings that have been left for a long time can result in bacterial growth lurking in your yard. You do not need extraordinary steps to maintain cleanliness in your yard.

You just need to be consistent and patient enough to do the chore.

  • Regularly brush off weeds or dirt onto your turf using a rake. Do it gently. Remember that once synthetic grass gets damaged, it does not reproduce by itself.
  • Disinfect turf especially in areas where your pet goes frequently. Remove animal waste and urine odors. Make sure to wash the area with water. Use mild soap or liquid disinfectant and brush them mildly. Rinse off when done. This helps to eliminate bad odors and harmful bacteria.
  • Remove stains by applying the proper solution. Grease and oil are different from coffee or urine stains. They require different substances to fully remove residue from your synthetic grass. Also, sticky materials such as gums may require more effort and patience too. It is best to seek a professional artificial turf installer to manage these problems.  


You might think that synthetic grass does not need water to flourish. Unfortunately, they do need water to moisten. Water helps if you would not want to step on hot grass during summer. Sprinkle water once a week to keep them moistened. If you are residing in Nevada, make sure to find your watering days.

When Is the Right Time to Repair or Replace

Determining when to repair is as easy as looking at a table with one broken leg. It’s recommended to seek a professional to avoid further costs incurred by mismanaged ability. Also, you don’t want to cause bigger problems by not addressing immediately the need for a repair.

A professional landscaper would know when it is time to replace your artificial grass with a new one. But if that happens, it would be after a considerable number of years since your artificial grass was first installed.


Artificial turf may last long enough but they need some attention and a little maintenance to stay perfect as they were installed. To start with, the best quality turfs are proven to last longer as they have to endure hot temperatures in Nevada all year round.  Homeowners always have the responsibility to keep them in their best condition.

It helps if you hire professional installers in the first place. They can guide you on what to do to avoid damaging your grass and assist you if you need help with maintaining it. Landscape Creations is a group of committed professionals who will listen to your needs and provide you with the best designs and quality turf finds. They bring out quality services that guarantee customer satisfaction.