Gas vs Electric Outdoor Fireplaces in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may not be as cold as the other states during winter, but they can get really uncomfortable chilly nights during the season. Homeowners would prefer to stay indoors making the outdoor space less functional and livable. However, there is a solution to that.

Installing fireplaces in Las Vegas has become customary to combat the cold. Over the years, different fireplaces are designed to suit different needs.

If you plan to install one in your outdoor space, you’ll have to decide whether you opt for a wood, gas-fueled, or electric fireplace. Each of them has different features but let’s focus on outdoor gas and outdoor electric fireplaces.

An electric fireplace that gives off nearly authentic reddish flame on fake chopped woods

The Difference Between Gas and Electric Fireplaces

Gas fireplace uses natural gas or propane for the flame to keep burning. They create authentic flames that can easily warm up your area. A switch is provided that serves as its on-and-off function.

Electric fireplaces use electricity to light them up. They also have control functions for the user to be able to adjust the setting. They can create a nearly-authentic flame that can also change colors for aesthetics.

Pros and Cons of Gas Versus Electric Fireplaces

Choosing the type of fireplace that you wish to install to your outdoors depends on your needs.

Can it help make life easier for you? Is it the most convenient type of fireplace? How much are you willing to spend on it? Does it suit your budget? Also, consider that a fireplace becomes a permanent structure in your home.


A gas fireplace is more genuine than an electric fireplace. They produce real flames where you can install wood or stone-like materials beneath to achieve an outdoor camp feel. Electric fireplaces cannot deceive originality by their looks. If authenticity is appealing to you, then go for a gas-fueled fireplace. 


If the idea of 3D effect flames changing their colors, or a fireplace that mimics the sound of crackling wood is appealing to you, then an electric fireplace will give you what you need.

They can provide a visually appealing look to your outdoor space through some of their features. However, if you find the more natural flames to be perfect, then a gas fireplace will suit you.   

This elegant gas fireplace is a great addition to your contemporary home.


The size of your fireplace should depend on how big your yard is. That said if you have a large area outdoors, you can have a gas or an electric fireplace, but a gas fireplace looks grand and is a gorgeous centerpiece.

Have them installed in your yard to capture the attention and appreciation of guests.

For small yards, it is advisable to install rather an electric fireplace. It is because they do not occupy large spaces. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces look elegant when strategically positioned in your garden or patio.  


Keeping your outdoor space warm and cozy is one of the reasons for installing a fireplace. When it comes to heating outdoor space, gas fireplaces are more efficient as compared to electric fireplaces. They can reach their peak level in a short amount of time.

Also, good ventilation is required for your gas fireplace to run smoothly. While electric fireplaces do not require that much ventilation.


Thinking about DIY-ing your fireplace? This can be difficult for gas and electric fireplaces if you have no knowledge about how they are built. DIY-ing is highly discouraged for safety reasons.

Installation of a gas fireplace can be complex since they require uncommon skills and expertise. You’re dealing with tanks and gas lines that could be dangerous if installed incorrectly. While installing an electric fireplace may seem easier, you might need a licensed electrician to take care of its electricity requirement.

Plus, faulty electrical wiring arising from poor installation can cause your property or even your life.

Cost Efficiency

Propane gas that is used in a fireplace can be expensive if you compare them to wood. Upon installation, you can expect a higher price that will cover the process of linking gas lines from your tank to the fireplace. The good news is that gas in tanks does not easily get empty, which is in a way cost-efficient and helps you save a lot of money.  

On the other hand, an electric fireplace is less expensive than its gas counterpart.  Their installation cost is lower because they are easier to install. If you prefer to light only the flame and not include the heater for most of the time, then you could also conserve energy.

The heater adds to the monthly cost of electricity consumption, though not that substantial enough to make you feel anxious about your bill.

Fireplaces makes outdoor space cozy and fun


Gas and electric fireplaces are both easy to clean. For a gas fireplace, you will just have to remove the dirt and other unwanted materials in the firebox. You can use a vacuum or a paint brush and also water with mild soap to remove dirt. For an electric fireplace, you can use a damp cloth to remove dust and avoid using harmful substances when cleaning.

Which Fireplace Is Best for Your Las Vegas Home

An electric fireplace and a gas-fueled fireplace are two different types with different features to offer. The best fireplace for your outdoor space depends on your preference. For example, if you value authenticity rather than style, a gas fireplace will be perfect. Additionally, in terms of added functionality such as pure aesthetic without a heater, then an electric fireplace can definitely do the trick.

Consider all of the factors that can affect your day-to-day activities including obligations and responsibilities. Then weigh in if they are worth your investment or time.

Where to Find the Best Installers in Las Vegas

When you’ve finally decided what type of outdoor fireplace you’re going to install, the next step is to find a professional fireplace installer that will cater to your needs. Find a contractor that will give you the best quality services and sufficient expertise to make your outdoor space a paradise. Landscape Creations will help you give that extra warmth that is very much needed in your home.


The most convenient fireplaces that can be installed in your home can vary from wood, gas, or electric-powered. When choosing what is right for you, there’s no harm in weighing the advantages against the inefficiencies they offer. Remember, most outdoor fireplaces are permanent structures, where decision-making is a very important part of the process.