Front of House Landscaping Ideas for Las Vegas

Landscaping your front area is a sensible way to beautify your home. You can have a front yard that will stand out in your neighborhood or you can just have an average-looking façade. Whatever you pick, it will surely add to your front yard’s curb appeal.

The Importance of Front Of-House Landscaping

The front yard is the first thing that is visible more than any area in your home. Neighbors, passersby, or even strangers can get a glimpse and be awed by your front yard’s landscape beauty. Just be careful not to lure burglars in. A beautifully created landscape might give the impression of a well-off household. Safety features and added privacy must first be well established to protect your home.

Adds Curb Appeal

The main benefit of front yard landscaping is to create a picturesque view that can enhance the beauty of your front outdoor space. Your front yard arrangement speaks about your creative skills. People will be curious as to how pretty your home looks inside if you have an equally nice front space.

Adds Home Value

Front-of-house landscaping is a good investment as it adds market value to your home should you decide to sell the property in the future. The price is relatively higher than the average home without a landscape. It is safe to say that the cost of landscaping is worth it after all.

Creates an Inviting Atmosphere

Your front yard landscape can create a warm, welcoming experience for your guests or even for yourself. You will surely be looking forward to coming home every day for that perfectly tailored lawn, neat sidewalk, and well-arranged flower beds. 

Improves Well-Being

Living in a fully furnished home with an aesthetically pleasing front yard can affect your overall well-being. They positively contribute to your mental and emotional state. Maintaining your landscape is also therapeutic and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Las Vegas Climate and Environment

It is important to understand the climate and weather conditions of the place before coming up with the best front space landscape design.  The state of Nevada is known for its arid weather condition and hot temperatures. It is considered to be the driest state in the US.

Additionally, the state experience very little rainwater and is generally characterized by a desert-like environment.  

Best Desert Plants for Your Front Yard

Drought-tolerant plants thrive in Nevada weather as they require little to no watering. The Southern Nevada Water Authority provides trees and plants to choose from. Here is a list of drought-tolerant plants that you also might want to consider.


These are drought-tolerant plants commonly found in dry areas like Nevada. They are perfect for your garden landscape and are low maintenance since not much watering is needed for them to survive.


Agaves grow strong fleshy leaves and have lovely rosette patterns. They can be placed in planters or just lined up neatly with other agaves or plant varieties. Agaves are ideal ornamental plants because of their texture and the perfect pattern they create.


Aloes grow leaves straight up. They also grow thick leaves. But unlike agaves, aloes do not have that rosette patterns. Their leaves are spiky and are perfect for filling up more spaces in your front area.


Cacti are succulents that have a wide variety. Each of them has its unique characteristics and splendor. They vary in shape and size. You can have a small rounded cactus over tall giant cacti. There are also barrel-shaped, flat, and elongated varieties.  They are versatile and very much available in places like Nevada. You just have to choose what variety is best for your landscape design.

Paddle Plant

These are green-colored plants with a reddish combination on their edges. They become totally red when they are in full bloom. They make an ideal addition to your front area landscape. The red edges on their leaves are perfect for adding a new shade of color to a somewhat monotonous hue of a desert landscape.

Desert Palm Trees

You can always achieve that relaxing island vibe even in dry weather areas such as Nevada. Desert palm trees also provide good shade and an ideal place to hang out. Plant them separately a few meters away from each other and surround each with pebbles or stones. Additionally, adding more greens will complement the perfect tropical theme in your front space.


Make your front yard livable by creating a beautiful garden with rich texture and colorful flowers. You can create a garden bed with mulch to protect your plants from extreme heat or cool temperatures. Flowers and shrubs have decorative functions which add color to your front space.

Design Ideas for Your Front Yard

Planning for your front space landscape design is as important as doing it in your backyard. It will not only serve as a sight to behold for the passersby or for the envy of your neighbors. It is the entryway to your home. It is important to feel that welcoming atmosphere created by a beautifully designed front space landscape.   

All Pebbled

Nevada has varied natural stones with beautiful colors and textures. Fill your front yard with light-colored pebbles and desert plants to create that sunny- clear effect on your home. Neatly-combed pebbles in your front yard will give an impression of a bright and cozy home.

Rock It Up

Hardscaping in Las Vegas is a very practical idea. Water conservation is encouraged among homeowners and hardscapes perfectly address that. Stone steps, pathways, and retaining walls installed along with minimal plants will create a perfect front-of-house landscape that will truly be the envy of your neighbors.

Green Lover

If you are really obsessed about having a green garden in your front space but worried because of drought issues, you need not stress yourself too much. The good news is that the state of Nevada still allows green gardening except for natural lawns which must be removed by 2027. Drought-tolerant plants are the instant solution to green gardening and artificial lawns replace natural ones.

Paver’s Delight

An elegant interlocking or symmetrical layout paver can create inviting steps to your home. Enjoy every walking journey and appreciate the intricate features of its design. Installing concrete pavers with pebbles neatly on both sides even with minimal vegetation are a perfect blend for your front-of-house landscape.

Let’s Get Tropical

Decorate your front house with desert palm trees and some curve-leaf yucca or fox tail agave to complement a tropical vibe. Design your own version of a lush green garden. Give in to a cool and relaxing feel in your front space. A nicely installed granite paver or flagstones for your steps will do the trick. Add some large earth-colored concrete pots with colorful plants for an instant sub-tropical exterior.

Lawn Escapade

If you have a large front yard and would love a green lawn, then installing artificial turf with some vegetation may be a good option. It is low maintenance and eco-friendly. You need not worry about watering your grass often to maintain its pristine condition.

Simply Elegant

Create an inviting front yard for your elegant home by incorporating designs that suit your taste. You can include raised flower beds with plants arranged in harmony. Provide outdoor lighting for a great night view. Don’t let your perfectly built modern home be wasted because of a poor front yard landscape.

Rustic Beauty

For the minimalist, creating an imperfect but warm and inviting front space is important. Just the right number of trees and plants with pebbles on the side is enough to achieve that countryside look. Also, it will create an impression of a larger and decluttered space that is aesthetically appealing.

Front Of-House Landscaping Structures

Make your front area as exciting and captivating as other parts of your home. Add structures that will make even a simple landscape seem interesting. Have fun incorporating them for that perfect eye-catching façade in your front space.

Retaining Walls

Not only do they pose obvious benefits such as preventing soil erosion. Installing retaining walls for the purpose of adding curb appeal will most likely be a crowd favorite. You can install them along steps if you have an elevated area.

To make them look prettier, install flower beds along retaining walls. Use natural colors for your brick or stone walls to complement and blend with the plants and flowers.


Typical of a Nevada home is the use of pebbles, stones, and boulders in their landscape. Rocks have been proven to be one of the elements of a great landscape design. They are most useful especially in hardscaping. After all, rocks are formed with individuality and unique characteristics.

They are very economical and last longer than any other landscape structure for that matter.


Get a total feel of your river rock landscape by adding a mini bridge to it. For the river bed, choose stones that are lighter in color compared to the pebbles surrounding it. River bed stones must be arranged in a curvy manner rather than a straight path to create an illusion of flowing water. 

Water Features

A birdbath, a mini fountain, or a waterfall, are some water features that you can add to your front area. The sound of water flowing creates a soothing effect that will make your home feel more inviting and relaxing even before you reach the doorstep.


Firepits can be ideal for your front yard especially if you prefer to gather in front of the house because of a better view. Although a downside to it would be less privacy for you and your loved ones.

Build firepits along neatly arranged pebbled lawns or well-designed concrete pavers.


Your efforts to create a picturesque front-of-house landscape would go in vain without the appropriate lighting fixtures. Remember that the front yard is the most visible part of your home. Your landscaping should not only be appreciated during the daytime but more importantly even at night.

Outdoor lighting in your front yard transforms landscape design into a breathtaking dimension that is pleasing to the eye. 

Hiring a Front Yard Landscaping Contractor

Your front yard is the most visible area of your home. It is just appropriate to create a neatly combed landscape that will enhance its aesthetics. Landscape Creations has been providing excellent and quality services to Nevada residences. Our professional and competent team will fulfill your dream of having a perfect landscape while you sit back and relax. We also do maintenance if you are worried about aftercare.


A nicely built house won’t be complete without front area landscaping. Get that complete package by adding a landscape design that will be perfect for your home. Remember that you have lots of options and don’t be afraid to get creative. You can incorporate fractions of different designs that will suit your taste.

Also, landscaping can be a tough job. It won’t hurt if you seek a contractor. They have quite the experience and expertise to do magic to your outdoor space and spare you from those headaches.