Designing a Backyard in Las Vegas

Do you want to improve your outdoor space? You can enhance or improve your backyard appearance by choosing the right design. A well-designed backyard can improve functionality and adds beauty to your home or office.  It’s important to choose a design that best suits your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Having a Well-Designed Backyard

Why should you invest in outdoor living? Having a well-designed backyard in Las Vegas has far more benefits than you can think of. Your living room area need not be the only place in your home where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Your backyard can be converted into a sanctuary and can become your favorite space at home.

A Space for Recreation

Backyards provide a space to spend quality time with your family, friends, and even pets. It’s a place where you can entertain guests, dine or grill other than your kitchen.

Adds Value to Property

A property with a well-designed backyard increases its market value. If you plan to sell your house in the future, then consider backyard landscaping. It’s a good investment and adds value to your property.

A Perfect Working Space

With COVID-19 pandemic, many people are on a remote work setup. Turn your backyard into a beautifully designed working space and you will enjoy working from home like never before.

Backyard Design Ideas

There are a lot of designs to choose from to enhance the appearance of your backyard.  It is important to determine what you want from your space and your perimeter. You can either opt for Traditional Backyard Design or Modern Backyard Design.

To help you decide on the perfect design ideal for your Las Vegas backyard, read on and discover.

Traditional Backyard Design

If you are crazy about trees and plants with bright colors, or a fireplace or built-in barbecue, then Traditional Backyard Design is for you. Play with curved pathways and elaborate colorful and organized plants!

Traditional Backyard Design aims for a functional space where you can include outdoor living elements. It also emphasizes the decorative aspect of backyard landscaping.

Contemporary Backyard Design

Modern or Contemporary Backyard Design focus on clean sharp edges and easy to maintain. The aim is to achieve a minimalist and natural look for your backyard. 

Materials used are mostly concrete, glass, and metal. Natural stone, pale hues, and neural color palettes make up a modern backyard.

Simple plants with hues of green are in for a modern design. Plants and grasses are can be organized in straight clear-cut lines. Paths and borders are streamlined to look neat and pretty.

How Do You Create a Well-Designed Backyard

By now you might have created an idea of what your perfect backyard is or how it’s going to look like. These are the basic elements that should be present in a well-designed backyard.

Set up the Greens

Backyards are half complete without a garden. They add life and contribute to a more pleasant space.

Backyard gardening can be therapeutic and calming. Studies show that gardening can improve both physical and mental health. Consider a garden plan when you decide to grow flowers or vegetables to keep your backyard looking neat and pretty. Be familiar with the weather conditions in your local area. Las Vegas has a subtropical hot desert climate. Cacti, Palo Verde trees, Honeysuckle, and Desert Palms are perfect for your Las Vegas dream garden.

For small backyard spaces, stay away from trees that grow too large. Trees that have plenty of trunks are also discouraged as they can occupy large spaces.

Go for small garden beds, plants, and vegetables in colorful pots. They increase functionality and enhance the appeal of small backyard spaces.

Make sure to keep strong foundations and install root barriers to protect pavers and tiles from spreading tree roots.

Add Some Structure

A structure is an added feature of your backyard. It can enhance aesthetics and provides a lot of purpose or benefits. Regardless of the type of structure you install, the results will definitely be money’s worth.

Here are 4 common types of backyard structures.


Arbors are perfect if you are planning to have plenty of greens in your backyard. They are the simplest and perhaps the most common backyard structure.


Gazebos are larger and more permanent backyard structures. They serve as a shade from heat or rain. There are tons of designs that you could choose from if you plan to build a gazebo.

A piece of furniture can also be added if you opt for a space to rest inside a gazebo.


Patios are paved outdoor areas adjoining a house. They are roofed structures where you can dine, recreate, or just chill and relax.


Pergolas are designed with open or transparent roofs that allow sufficient sunlight and air circulation. They are designed to create a more appealing focal point and add beauty to the garden.

Mind Your Furniture

We all get excited when we talk about buying the things we like especially for home improvement. But before we get excited with the many options we have, here are a few reminders;

Always Choose Quality Pieces.

More than the design, make sure that your outdoor furniture can withstand extreme weather or off-season. Choose stylish but high-quality materials that can last a lifetime.

Also, it is important to learn how to preserve your furniture from the harshest climate. 

Be Mindful of the Space

For small space backyards, opt for stools over large pieces. Large lounge chairs occupy bigger space. 

If you plan to install an outdoor kitchen, make sure that the counters do not use up the entire remaining space in your backyard.

Think of Design and Comfort

Be as neat and orderly as possible. Do away with non-essential things. Emphasize the things that you want to see in your backyard.

Match your furniture with the exterior designs. Purchase only comfortable pieces that are visually appealing. You may install fire pits and grills to increase the functionality of your backyard.

Level up With a Landscape

Landscapes are a posh addition to your backyard. It definitely adds vibrancy and can make your home look even more spectacular. A professionally designed landscape can improve the overall appearance of your backyard.

Depending on the size of your backyard space, you can have your ideal landscape that is within your budget.

For Las Vegas homeowners, Southern Nevada’s Water Smart Landscapes offers rebates for grass removed and replaced with desert landscaping. You may visit their website and apply online.


The backyard is an essential part of your home. It’s always wise to invest in a well-designed backyard. It increases the property’s market value.

Additionally, a beautifully created backyard can reduce stress and improve mental and physical well-being. Create one in your home now and discover all its positive effects on you and your family.

Landscape Creations has been providing quality and professional services to Southern Nevada’s residences since 1995. They are a team of experts and dedicated professionals that will assist you in achieving your dream backyard.