Artificial Turf Las Vegas

Xeriscaping your yard is a great alternative option to landscaping in Las Vegas. It provides the same aesthetically pleasing effect to lawns without too much maintenance. Benefits of Installing an Artificial Turf Installing artificial turf has far more benefits than you could think of. Imagine your yard in its pristine condition even in a couple … Read more

Outdoor Gas Firepits in Las Vegas

After coming up with an idea for your firepit design, it is time to decide on what type of firepit to use outdoors. There are basically 4 types of firepits – wood burning firepits, natural gas, propane, and gel fuel firepits. Each of these types has its own features. But gas firepits are a better … Read more

Las Vegas Outdoor Firepit Ideas

A fire feature is a perfect addition that produces a visually appealing landscape. An outdoor fire pit transforms your home into a haven and creates a leisurely ambiance. It’s very functional and there are a lot of firepit designs and ideas that you can choose from. Here are some of the unique ideas that may … Read more

Maintaining Your Landscaping in Las Vegas

It’s a dream of every homeowner to create a beautiful landscape in their own yards. Additionally, a well-maintained landscape adds curb appeal and is aesthetically pleasing. Maintaining a landscape requires consideration of factors such as the environment and type of weather in your area. Understanding the Climate and Environment in Las Vegas Las Vegas has … Read more

Outdoor Firepits in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just all about having hot arid weather all throughout the year. Even in the desert, the state has still four seasons including a chilly winter with freezing temperatures. Outdoor fire pits are perfect in (almost) any season. They provide a cozy atmosphere in the summer and warmth during cold winter nights. … Read more

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last in Las Vegas

Your professional installer may assure you of a 10-year or even 25-year warranty on your artificial grass. It all depends on the type of material used and whether or not it has been properly installed. Additionally, there are other factors that can affect the life span of synthetic grass. Homeowners have the responsibility of keeping … Read more

Cost of Artificial Turf in Las Vegas

The average cost of artificial turf in Las Vegas ranges from $5 per sq. ft. up to $20 per sq. ft. Estimated cost greatly depends on factors such as the type of turf material used, turf brand, area shape and size, and other fees. For a 500 sq. ft yard, the average cost of artificial … Read more

Landscaping Ideas in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a unique climate compared to most any other region. It requires a distinct landscaping style for anyone who plans to install one. You might have an ideal landscape for your home. But careful planning is needed for you to maximize resources and minimize unnecessary costs along the way. In this article, we … Read more

Designing a Backyard in Las Vegas

Do you want to improve your outdoor space? You can enhance or improve your backyard appearance by choosing the right design. A well-designed backyard can improve functionality and adds beauty to your home or office.  It’s important to choose a design that best suits your lifestyle. The Benefits of Having a Well-Designed Backyard Why should … Read more

Building a Retaining Wall in Las Vegas

If you’ve encountered a problem with erosions relating to sloped soil or land, then a retaining wall might just be the right solution for you. Additionally, a well-designed landscape with an impeccable retaining wall in Las Vegas adds value to your property. But what exactly is a retaining wall? Read on to find out more. … Read more