Is Artificial Turf Flammable

When choosing the best quality turf, one factor to consider is flammability.  The good news is that artificial turf is not flammable. However, artificial turf can melt when exposed to extremely high temperatures. In Las Vegas, the highest average recorded temperature can shoot up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit. This can make your turf hot and feel … Read more

Best Types of Pavers for Las Vegas

Stone pavers are an added attraction to your home. They contribute to an enjoyable outdoor living experience in literally every step of the way. No wonder they have become one of the most popular landscape elements in the US. However, if you’re living in Las Vegas and you opt to install pavers, there are some … Read more

Paver Installation in Las Vegas

Pavers are hardscape features that you can add to your patio area or driveway to make them look more appealing. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, installing permeable pavers is one of the top ten highest consumer demands when it comes to creating sustainable and active elements for your landscape. What Are Pavers? … Read more

Gas vs Electric Outdoor Fireplaces in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may not be as cold as the other states during winter, but they can get really uncomfortable chilly nights during the season. Homeowners would prefer to stay indoors making the outdoor space less functional and livable. However, there is a solution to that. Installing fireplaces in Las Vegas has become customary to combat … Read more

Artificial Turf – Everything You Need to Know

A lot of homeowners have switched from natural grasses to artificial turfs because of the benefits that are gained from them.  Lawn grasses are converted to an eco-friendly alternative that provides the same amount of curb appeal. In some states in the US, natural grasses are prohibited. It is because of their high temperatures, frequent … Read more

Outdoor Electric Fireplace in Las Vegas

Keeping your outdoor space warm at night can be very difficult, especially during winter. Many homeowners love to spend their time together outdoors, which can be a challenge when the weather is not ideal. Firepits or fireplaces can help you with this problem. However, they tend to be a bit burdensome and require a lot … Read more

Outdoor Fireplaces in Las Vegas

Another design element that you can add to your outdoor living is an elegant fireplace. They provide warmth and comfort to your home and are a great decorative feature. Additionally, they enhance the functionality of your space and give out an area that is suitable for relaxation. What Is a Fireplace? A fireplace is a … Read more

Landscaping Lighting in Las Vegas

If you think that you can appreciate the beauty of your landscape only during the daytime, then you’re absolutely wrong. Your landscape can be a sight to behold at night. Highlight your home’s architectural structure with strategic lighting positions. You can also emphasize the beauty of your most treasured plants even after sundown. Contact an … Read more

Rock Landscaping in Las Vegas

Rock landscaping is a good option if you are residing in Nevada.  With its arid weather condition and rigid implementation of water conservation policies, it is important that you need to consider how you will go about installing a landscape. A rock landscape has its own beauty that could add curb appeal. For an amazing … Read more

Las Vegas Pool Landscaping Ideas

Everyone is dreaming about bringing paradise into the comfort of their own homes. When we talk about getaway places, we think of going to the beach. It is the perfect place where we can escape from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.  The good news is that we can actually create our own … Read more