Best Types of Pavers for Las Vegas

Stone pavers are an added attraction to your home. They contribute to an enjoyable outdoor living experience in literally every step of the way.

No wonder they have become one of the most popular landscape elements in the US. However, if you’re living in Las Vegas and you opt to install pavers, there are some things that you might need to consider before installing them.

What Are the Different Types of Pavers

Concrete pavers are the most commonly used type in homes, parks, or buildings. Alternatively, there are other types of pavers that are good for arid environments such as Las Vegas. Below is a list of different types of pavers and what makes them ideal for your home.

Bluestone Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

As the name suggests, bluestone pavers are beautifully colored royal blue pavers that have an attractive and distinct texture. This makes them one of the most expensive type of paver. They can last over a decade when maintained properly. This type of paver can be easily cut into any size and is ideal for your patio and walkway areas where they can be visibly appreciated.

If you want to maintain their vivid color you may keep them away from direct sunlight. Their shade can fade into light gray color when exposed to constant heat. Their high cost is not worth the risk of getting damaged under the sun!

Brick Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

This type of paver is made from molded clay material. They come in various colors, styles, and textures which can complement your home design. Brick pavers are cheaper and more affordable as compared to concrete stones. However, they have a tendency to crack if not maintained properly.

Additionally, regular brick pavers can break when exposed to very high temperatures. Refractory bricks are a good alternative to regular bricks. Their chemical composition allows them to resist heat and thermal expansion.

Cobblestone Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

Another popular paving material is cobblestones found on some roads and streets. They can be laid in customized styles which makes them unique and elegant. Porcelain cobblestones make a spectacular flooring in your patio or driveway. They’re made of highly durable materials like limestone, sandstone, and granite.    

Porcelain cobblestone pavers are heat-proof and long-lasting. However, they can be more expensive than other paving materials. Also, the process of installing cobblestone pavers can be delicate which increases the cost.  

Concrete Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

Concrete pavers the most commonly used pavers because of their easy installation and affordability. If you’re thinking about a DIY paver project, installing concrete pavers for your Las Vegas home will be a good option. The installation process can be easy and cheap. Plus, they have a wide array of colors that be sealed to protect them from fading.

Concrete pavers are a slightly better choice over brick pavers because of their ability to withstand heat. However, they require regular maintenance as they have a tendency to chip and crack when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Flagstone Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

A beautiful addition to your indoor or outdoor space are flagstone pavers. They’re naturally produced paving stones, usually limestones, sandstones, or slate cut into rectangular or squares. Flagstone pavers can be difficult to install because of their puzzle-like layout. It’s recommended to hire a professional paver installer when installing them.

Flagstone pavers look gorgeous in your outdoors. Avoid installing them on your driveway as they are thinner than other types of pavers. They can crack easily when ran over by a vehicle. Also, flagstones absorb heat.  Dark-colored flagstones in particular absorb more heat than light-colored ones. Homeowners should be extra careful in stepping barefoot over flagstones especially when the sun is up.

Marble Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

Daily maintenance is necessary for marble pavers to last longer. They have porous materials that can easily be stained by a colored liquid substance. Dark-colored marble pavers are ideal if you are concerned about staining. Marble is made of soft material that can get scratched in an instant.

The good news is that marble is recommended as pavers for arid areas like Las Vegas. They don’t absorb heat and are best for outdoor spaces. You can even go barefoot comfortably without worrying about hurting your skin. They are also made of thick material that can withstand heavy traffic.

Plastic Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

The good thing about plastic pavers is that they are sustainable and eco-friendly. Fabrication of plastic pavers is one of the innovative ways to address the plastic waste problem. The process of manufacturing involves melting plastic with water and mixing them with soil. They come in colorful patterns, different designs, and are an affordable option if you are tight on budget.

Unlike other paver materials, plastic is not as durable and long-lasting. Their strength is reduced to a certain percentage when exposed to heat making them prone to cracking and breaking.   

Porcelain Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

Porcelain pavers are less porous than other stone pavers. They absorb less water and are best for swimming pools, bathrooms, and shower areas. They’re harder and more durable than ordinary ceramic tiles and are very easy to maintain.

If you’re planning to install them under direct sunlight, make sure to use light-colored porcelain pavers as they can get hotter than other paver stones. Also, keep in mind that wet porcelain can get slippery because they don’t absorb water.

Rubber Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

Another eco-friendly paver material sold in the market are rubber pavers. They’re made from recycled materials that are good for your driveways, walkways, and high-traffic areas. They do not easily wear out and are non-slippery. The installation cost of a rubber paver is relatively lower as compared to others. Their low cost is due to them having a very straightforward and easy installation process.

Rubber pavers may not be ideal for areas that are arid like Las Vegas and they cannot stand the heat for a long time. They may get deformed and look unpleasant if they are constantly exposed to high temperatures.

Travertine Pavers in Las Vegas & Henderson

One of the best options for paver installation is the use of natural and environment-friendly materials such as travertine stones. They are formed from heated and pressurized sedimentary rocks. They are one of the more popular stone pavers because of their durability and availability in the market. Additionally, they make a good investment by adding value to your home.

Travertine stone pavers are perfect even in places with extremely hot temperatures. Like marble pavers, they’re comfortable to walk in even on summer days. The insulation property in their material keeps them cool.  If you’re looking for a cheaper option that is equally stunning, travertine stone pavers are an excellent choice.

Keeping Your Pavers Cool in Las Vegas

Pavers don’t stay cool year-round especially if they are installed outdoors. They can be temporarily kept cool by sprinkling water. Porcelain pavers installed in the pool area can get cooler because of the water’s presence.

Trees can not only create shade but also helps in setting a comfortable walkway. They’re a great way to keep temperatures low by blocking direct heat from the sun. Plant trees along walkways, in your patio area, or garden to help combat the heat that can reduce the functionality of your outdoors.  Remember, choose light-colored stone pavers because they absorb less heat compared to dark-colored ones.

Final Takeaway

Paver installation in Las Vegas & Henderson adds vibrance and aesthetics to your outdoor landscaping. They come in different designs that cater to your needs. There are a lot of options to choose from for your La Vegas property. Make sure that they are suitable for the type of environment you are in. Additionally, you may also consider eco-friendly and natural stone alternatives that are environment and budget-friendly.