Preparing Your Sprinklers for Spring

Now that we have made it through the colder months we are, we are starting to get some calls from customers about preparing their irrigation systems for spring. There are two main issues that clients bring up as to why they are needing us to come out and take a look at their system. 

The FIRST ISSUE is that they do not know how to properly schedule for spring. There are certain restrictions put in place by the Southern Nevada Water Authority and clients aren't sure what group they fall into, how often they are allowed to water and what days and times they should be watering. The following will summarize restrictions imposed for spring by SNWA:

When do Spring watering restrictions go into effect?

Spring watering restrictions begin on March 1st and end April 30th. 

How many days am I allowed to water?

No matter what group you are in, you are allowed to water three (3) times per week. 

  • If you are in Group A - Your watering days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • If you are in Group B - Your watering days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

  • If you are in Group C - Your watering days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • If you are in Group D - Your watering days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

  • If you are in Group E - Your watering days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • If you are in Group F - Your watering days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

*Notice - Sunday is not an optional watering day during the spring

If you are not sure what group you are in, click here to find out. 

Are there any exemptions? 

The are some exemptions to spring restrictions such as: 

  • Hand-watering

  • Supervised sprinkler system testing

  • Watering new or reseeded landscapes for 30 days

Now that we have summarized spring watering restrictions, the second issue we wanted to address our leaks, broken pipes, broken sprinkler heads or misaligned heads. Once people start using their sprinklers again (if they have turned them off over through the winter months) or start using them more often since watering is allowed more than one day a week, they often find issues in their irrigation system that were not apparent during the winter months. 

Just like many people make it a point to "Spring Clean" their home every year, that same care and attention should be given to your irrigation system as it not only saves you money, but it is what gives life to your plants which was an investment to your property - and a space that many people enjoy being in during the summer. Completing a thorough check for leaks and broken parts is essential to maintaining a healthy yard. 

We know preparing your sprinklers for Spring can be a challenging and overwhelming process for many. If you decide to complete this process yourself and find that you encounter any problems it is best to contact a professional. Breaking your irrigation system can cost more in the long run after buying parts and/or having water running from a leaky valve or line can do major damage to your lawn and wallet. 

If you already know that you do not want to complete the process by yourself, call Landscape Creations today to schedule a Spring Start-Up. The service starts at $70.00 (depending on the size of the yard) and includes checking for problems, repairing any if found and scheduling your system to run at the proper settings for your watering group. 

If you have any tips, tricks or comments, please feel free to leave them below or contact us.